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  • How long does a project usually take?
    Time from start to completion varies on how complex the project may be. On average a 2000 sq ft home taken down to the framing and rebuild with a room addition should take about 8 months of construction. That does not include Archetects plans and going to the city to get an approved set. That could add four to eight months depending on the city and their requirements.
  • Do you work with subcontractors?
    Yes, but we also have a construction team that works on our team. This means we can get your project moving faster because we do not have to wait for subcontractors.
  • Do we need to move out?
    Well if you ask most people that have stayed in there home s through major renovations they would probably tell you to GET OUT through construction process. If you love noise, dust, early morning noise and many people entering your home while it's being constructed, then stay. Oh, did I mention cold showers? For smaller renovation projects many people choose to stay in their home. Every project is unique and we will discuss options once we determine your project needs.
  • Our contractor did not finish the job, what do we do?"
    Contractors that do not finish is a bad situation for all parties, I would first recommend contacting the contractors state license board. If a contractor quotes you a price that seems to be to good to be true, it probably is. We have and will finish projects not completed by a contractor. We will need to assess the situation and determine what the next steps need to be. It can be as simple as finishing the last step or having to start from scratch. We will meet with you after reviewing the project and together figure out how to resolve the situation. If you suspect your current project is not going well do not be afraid to ask questions or to pause the project so that the work can be inspected.
  • What happens after we submit a contact form?
    We will reach out to you and have a phone meeting to learn more about your project. We will determine the best approach for you, as every project is unique. If you feel we are a good fit, an onsite visit will be needed. We will schedule a time that works best for you.
  • Do you have any reivews from previous customers?
    Yes, we do. Check out our about page. Need more references, just ask! Somes of our clients are open to having a conversation with potential customers. We respect the privacy of all of our clients. After the construction process is complete we do not ask our clients if new customers can come through their home to see our work. However, some clients do not mind. If you would like an onsite review, please let us know. We will do our best to accomodate.


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